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Amy Knight - MA LPC

(she, her, hers)


Hello, my name is Amy, and I am a licensed mental health therapist dedicated to promoting resilience and restoration in those who have experienced complex trauma. It is unfortunately all too common for my clients to seek my help after being turned away or rejected by other therapists who were unable to navigate the intricacies of their trauma. You can rest assured that this will not be the case here. My highest priority is to establish a therapeutic relationship with you that prioritizes safety, consistency, and compassion. Through this relationship, I aim to create an environment where you feel truly heard and seen, allowing for transformative change in your life.

With a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and several years of experience I have had the privilege of working with individuals from all walks of life and facets of trauma including: sexual abuse, domestic violence, suicide attempts, self-inflicted injuries, abandonment, shame, neglect, anger, and all the emotions experienced between. No matter where you are on your healing path or what you have been through, I am genuinely glad that you have chosen to be here, and I am fully prepared to assist you in reshaping your personal narrative, both in the past, present, and future.

**Now accepting new patience with Medicaid**

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